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Talent Spotlight: Maria 

We sat down with Managing Director Maria, Macroeconomic and Investment Research Group in Guggenheim Investments, to discuss her career background, the importance of diversity programs, and her advice for women starting out in their careers.

What are your roles and responsibilities at Guggenheim?

I am an investment strategist within the Macroeconomic and Investment Research Group, which reports to the Global Chief Investment Officer. Our team is responsible for developing the macro outlook for the global economy and asset markets, which helps to guide our portfolio construction and portfolio management efforts. In this capacity, I evaluate top-down fundamental and technical trends across various sectors and analyze their impact on relative value and investment opportunities. I am also the lead author on several of our external publications, including the quarterly “High Yield and Bank Loan Report,” “The Core Conundrum,” and “The Fixed Income Outlook.”

What led you to Guggenheim? What was your career path before joining the firm?

Prior to joining Guggenheim, I originated closed-end funds and unit investment trusts at another firm. Being on the sell-side, most investment ideas came from third-party managers. Eventually, I pursued my CFA designation so that I would have the skill set to analyze different markets myself, which shifted my interest to the buy-side where I could help identify investment opportunities rather than hearing them from others. This led me to my current role at Guggenheim.

I attribute a lot of my success to the organizations I was a part of during my years at Baruch College. These included the Financial Women’s Association, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO). I had a separate mentor in each of these organizations, and they were each phenomenal for different reasons. They helped me grow on both a personal and professional level, and I am very thankful to them.

What advice or suggestions would you offer to those starting out in their careers?

Produce quality work, but also be a valuable resource to your colleagues. Once you are settled into your role, think about the other business functions that you interact with on a regular basis, and see if there is a way to make their lives and your interactions easier. Be patient, be easy to work with, and take feedback constructively. Helping your colleagues is also a good way to expand your own knowledge base, so be a sponge when you are exposed to a topic that sounds unfamiliar.

Mentorship, leadership, and diversity programs have been an essential part of my own professional growth. The programs I have been involved with provided a network through which I have shared experiences and received guidance when faced with unfamiliar challenges. Knowing that I have a supportive community, such as the firm’s Women’s Innovation and Inclusion Network, boosts my confidence to ask questions, learn, and lead others.



Mentorship, leadership, and diversity programs have been an essential part of my own professional growth. Knowing that I have a supportive community at Guggenheim boosts my confidence to ask questions, learn, and lead others.

Maria, Managing Director,
Macroeconomic and Investment Research

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