Global CIO Outlook

Guggenheim Global Chief Investment Officer Scott Minerd offers insights on macroeconomic trends and the potential impacts on global investment opportunities.

The Sustainable Development Quotient

Scott Minerd discusses the importance of transitioning sustainable development into an institutional asset class.

March 31, 2011

Enjoy the Good Times While They Last

I believe long-term growth in the United States will be even stronger than the market is currently discounting. The vast amounts of monetary and fiscal stimulus that have been unleashed have created a rising tide of liquidity that’s lifting asset prices for just about everything except real estate.

February 28, 2011

The Economic Domino Effect

Restrictive monetary policy will lead to economic slowdown in the emerging markets in 2011. Since it's seldom a good bet to fight against central banks, emerging market equities are not the place to be for the next few years.

January 15, 2011

Europe's Gordian Knot

It's only a matter of time before Germany and France find the political will to lead Europe into a new era of fiscal unification. Ultimately, the motivation is the same reason Alexander the Great cut the Gordian Knot - the promise of ruling over a unified continent.

June 01, 2010

The Return of “Beggar-Thy-Neighbor”

“Beggar-thy-neighbor” describes an economic policy that involves one nation devaluing its currency in the hope of increasing exports at the expense of other nations. Today, G-20 leaders are searching for an answer to their economic ills and they appear to be finding it, at least in part, through potentially perilous thoughts of competitive currency devaluation.