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Guggenheim Securities convenes and advises thought leaders and stakeholders at the forefront of innovation in sustainability. Through transactions, events, and reports, Guggenheim Securities helps clients shape the key sectors that are defining sustainability, including power, energy, renewables, technology, mobility, and industrials.

Executives in renewable energy, policy makers in energy, and subject matter experts in cutting edge technology come to Guggenheim to engage with the investment community and share their vision on the future of sustainability.

Recent highlights of our efforts in sustainability include: 

Video Highlights

Facing the Hard Truths About Energy With Andrew Gould

Executive Chairman Alan Schwartz, Guggenheim Partners, and Senior Managing Director Michael LaMotte, Guggenheim Securities Energy Investment Banking, hosted a client event featuring a conversation with Andrew Gould, former Chairman & CEO of Schlumberger, to discuss the origins of the current energy shortage, the challenges of the changing geopolitical landscape, and the opportunities for energy transition leaders.

Investing in Advanced Nuclear: A Catalyst for Our Clean Energy Future

Key policymakers, investors, nuclear technology companies and utility leaders focused on commercialization and deployment of advanced nuclear and small modular reactors gathered to discuss how this key technology can help achieve a clean energy future and climate resilience. Organizers included Guggenheim Securities, the US Department of Energy, Nuclear Innovation Alliance, Nuclear Energy Institute, Edison Electric Institute, and Electric Power Research Institute, who convened key stakeholders. View the agenda.



Future Food-Tech Summit

At the Future Food-Tech Summit in San Francisco, Managing Director Matt Spence discussed, on March 25, market and growth opportunities for alternative protein and food technology.



Beyond Carbon: How Carbon Markets Will Shape Social Impact Investing

J. Greg Spencer, Co-Founder of Bluesource and Co-Founder of Common Good Marketplace, speaks with Guggenheim Securities Co-Chairman Alan Schwartz and Senior Managing Director Clio Crespy, about how carbon markets are transforming social impact investing.



Our Hydrogen Future: A Conversation With Andrew Marsh

Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh discussed how hydrogen will play an important role in providing affordable, abundant and clean energy to the world with Guggenheim Securities Co-Chairman Alan Schwartz and Senior Advisor Jonathan Silver.



Energy Storage Symposium: Emerging Software Platforms Enabling Energy Storage and the Renewable Electron Revolution

This session focused on software that enables market participants to more accurately and efficiently manage assets and create system visibility; reduce costs; optimize performance, improve revenue generation and decision making; and provide greater certainty to asset owners and operators and market participants on how to streamline the decision-making process around the multiple variables required to be successful in their energy systems.


  • Larsh Johnson – Chief Technology Officer, STEM
  • Kolin Loveless – Director of Storage and Renewable Optimization, Ascend Analytics
  • Dr. Ben Irons – Director & Co-Founder, Habitat Energy
  • John G. Jung - President, Energy Vault Solutions



Sustainability & Innovation Series: A Conversation With Jigar Shah

The series brings together top industry and stakeholder leaders to discuss key trends and emerging themes surrounding the topics of sustainability and innovation. The first event featured a discussion with Jigar Shah, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy Loan Programs Office. Shah was joined by Alan Schwartz, Executive Chairman of Guggenheim Partners, and Jonathan Silver, Senior Advisor to Guggenheim Securities, who served as the first Executive Director of the Loan Program.



Sustainability & Innovation Series: From Autos to Mobility – A Technological Revolution

The second edition of the series featured a conversation with Senior Managing Director John Casesa who leads the firm’s mobility investment banking team. The fireside chat was moderated by Managing Director Daniel Keh and focused on the nature of the technological revolution in mobility, the roles of capital, and opportunities in the sector.



Energy Storage Symposium

The inaugural session was moderated by Alan Schwartz, Executive Chairman of Guggenheim Partners, and Colin DeVore, Managing Director in the Power, Energy & Renewables group at Guggenheim Securities. Panelists included:

  • Dean Keller – Senior Managing Director in the Power, Energy & Renewables group at Guggenheim Securities

  • Rob Piconi – CEO & Co-Founder, Energy Vault

  • Dr Javier Cavada – CEO & President, Highview Power

  • Dr Chris Burns – CEO, Novonix

  • Erik Scott – Director of Advanced Development, Technical Fellow, Bakken Fellow, MedTronic

  • Presentation deck (PDF)


Notable Transactions in Sustainability


Guggenheim Securities Acted as Exclusive Financial Advisor and Placement Agent to




in connection with the creation of Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle:

Blue Source Sustainable Forests Company, LLC

and ensuing issuance of $500 million of Preferred Equity to



October 2021

Guggenheim Securities Acted as Financial Advisor to




in connection with its $20 billion combination with



and as Joint Placement Agent on the $250 million PIPE



September 2021 — Pending


Guggenheim Securities Acted as Sole Active Bookrunning Manager


Follow-on Common Stock and Pre-Funded Warrants Offering


$201.2 Million

August 2021


Guggenheim Securities Acted as Exclusive Financial Advisor and Placement Agent to



in connection with the sale of
Perpetual Preferred Stock




$500 Million

August 2021


Guggenheim Securities Acted as Joint Active Bookrunner




Follow-on Common Stock Offering


$431 Million

July 2021


Guggenheim Securities Acted as Exclusive Financial Advisor and Placement Agent to




in connection with the sale of a 40% stake in the Company to




May 2021