Sector Views    |   November 21, 2022    |   High-Yield and Bank Loan Outlook

A Strong Credit Market Shapes the Default Outlook

The stress in this credit cycle is driven by unforgiving high interest rates.

Sector Views    |   November 10, 2022   

Fourth Quarter 2022 Fixed-Income Sector Views

Market and value updates by sector.

Macroeconomic Research    |   November 04, 2022   

The Jobs Data Trend Is Duration’s Friend

October jobs data suggests a cooling labor market.

Global CIO Outlook    |   October 06, 2022   

That Sound You Hear Is the Fed Breaking Something

October will test the Fed’s resolve.

Global CIO Outlook    |   March 22, 2022   

For Lessons on Fighting Inflation, Skip Over Volcker to 1946

Clues from history on how to successfully end the current surge in prices.


The Long Road to Recovery

2022’s Upside: The Fed Has Put the Income Back in Fixed Income

Anne Walsh, Chief Investment Officer for Fixed Income at Guggenheim Investments, joined Asset TV to discuss macroeconomic conditions, risk, and relative value in the bond market.

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Macro Markets Podcast

Investment Strategist Maria Giraldo takes us through the different fixed-income market sectors to evaluate risk and return prospects. Economist Jerry Cai provides an update on the latest macro data. Also, we answer listener mail.

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Weaker Payrolls Will Reward Pent-Up Demand for Fed Pivot - Image Thumbnail
October 28, 2022

Weaker Payrolls Will Reward Pent-Up Demand for Fed Pivot

Weakening jobs picture will signal that Fed tightening is working as intended.

Stocks Are in Trouble if S&P Fails to Break Above its 200-day Moving Average  - Image Thumbnail
August 19, 2022

Stocks Are in Trouble if S&P Fails to Break Above its 200-day Moving Average

Deeper losses for equities may lay ahead.

Portfolio Strategy    |   November 09, 2022   

Solving the Core Fixed-Income Conundrum

An active, diversified, multi-sector approach to meeting the total return objectives of core fixed-income management without taking on undue risk.

Portfolio Strategy    |   September 22, 2022   

Understanding Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)

Explaining the structure and investor-friendly features of collateralized loan obligations, an often misunderstood sector of structured credit.

Portfolio Strategy    |   March 11, 2022   

The ABCs of Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)

Finding value in complexity: The structure, risks, and investor-friendly features of asset-backed securities.