Portfolio Strategy    |   November 08, 2019   

The Science and Art of Risk Management: Liquidity Risk

Good risk management leads to good decision making.

Portfolio Strategy    |   November 04, 2019   

The Risk Mitigation Advantage in Active Fixed-Income Management

Why active has the potential to outperform passive in fixed income.

Sector Views    |   October 29, 2019    |   High-Yield and Bank Loan Outlook

Don’t Be Tempted by CCC Bonds and Loans

Lower-quality credit spreads have more potential to widen than tighten.

Macroeconomic Research    |   September 17, 2019   

Forecasting the Next Recession: Will Rate Cuts Be Enough?

History shows that once our recession forecast model reaches current levels, aggressive policy can delay recession, but not avoid it.

Portfolio Strategy    |   August 22, 2019    |   Fixed-Income Outlook

Looking Past the Liquidity-Driven Rally

Credit spreads could get tighter in this liquidity-driven rally, but history has shown that the potential for widening from here is much greater.

Global CIO Outlook    |   July 29, 2019   

The Fed's Sugar High

Rational immigration policy, not rate cuts, is the way to avoid recession.

Global CIO Outlook    |   May 23, 2019   

U.S.-China Trade War: The New Long March

Beijing is preparing for a protracted standoff as the U.S.-China trade war ramps up.

Global CIO Outlook    |   July 30, 2018   

Welcome, Immigrants. The U.S. Really Needs You

To achieve long-term prosperity, rational immigration policy must become a priority.


Solving the Core Fixed-Income Conundrum

Solving the Core Fixed-Income Conundrum

Anne Walsh, Chief Investment Officer for Fixed Income, shares insights on the fixed-income market and explains the Guggenheim approach to solving the Core Conundrum.

Watch Video

Fixed-Income Outlook

Third Quarter 2019 Fixed-Income Outlook

Portfolio Manager Adam Bloch and Matt Bush, a Director in the Macroeconomic and Investment Research Group, share insights from the third quarter 2019 Fixed-Income Outlook.

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Fixed-Income Outlook Chart Highlights: Q3 2019 - Image Thumbnail
August 22, 2019

Fixed-Income Outlook Chart Highlights: Q3 2019

Selected charts from our Third Quarter Fixed-Income Outlook illustrate why we do not think the current rally in risk assets is sustainable.

Fed Cuts Rates as Downside Risks Build - Image Thumbnail
August 22, 2019

Fed Cuts Rates as Downside Risks Build

The U.S. economy is strong, but soft inflation and downside risks to growth prompted the first Fed rate cut since 2008.

Portfolio Strategy    |   May 01, 2019   

Understanding Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)

Explaining the structure and investor-friendly features of collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), an often misunderstood sector of structured credit.

Portfolio Strategy    |   July 09, 2018   

Solving the Core Fixed-Income Conundrum

Shortening duration, maintaining an investment-grade portfolio, and generating attractive yields do not have to be competing investment objectives for core fixed-income investors.

Global CIO Outlook    |   April 26, 2018   

Seeking a Return on Sustainable Development

A framework for transitioning sustainable investing to an institutional asset class.

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