Sector Views    |   August 02, 2022   

Third Quarter 2022 Fixed-Income Sector Views

Relative value and performance drivers across fixed-income sectors.

Macroeconomic Research    |   June 30, 2022   

Recession Signals Flashing Red

The latest data suggest that we may already be in a recession.

Sector Views    |   May 24, 2022    |   High-Yield and Bank Loan Outlook

Despite the Gray Mood, Skies Are Only Partly Cloudy

The outlook for credit amid rising inflation, monetary tightening, and war in Europe.

Global CIO Outlook    |   March 22, 2022   

For Lessons on Fighting Inflation, Skip Over Volcker to 1946

Clues from history on how to successfully end the current surge in prices.

Global CIO Outlook    |   January 24, 2022   

Forget Raising Rates, Shrink the Balance Sheet

The Fed’s best opportunity to “normalize” policy.


The Long Road to Recovery

Recession ‘Inevitable’ as the Fed Fights Inflation

Scott Minerd, Chairman of Investments and Guggenheim Partners Global CIO, joins Bloomberg TV on Fed Day to discuss the Federal Reserve’s largest rate hike since 1994.

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Macro Markets Podcast

Managing Director Justin Takata discusses the technical and fundamental drivers of value in investment grade corporates, and U.S. Economist Matt Bush addresses recession timing and the possible progression of policy.

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Fed Aggressiveness Following Delayed Liftoff Sets Up 2023 Collision - Image Thumbnail
May 18, 2022

Fed Aggressiveness Following Delayed Liftoff Sets Up 2023 Collision

The risks of tightening into a downturn.

An Investor’s Guide to the Runup to Recession  - Image Thumbnail
April 12, 2022

An Investor’s Guide to the Runup to Recession

Comparing pre-recession performance of multiple asset classes.

Portfolio Strategy    |   June 17, 2022   

Solving the Core Fixed-Income Conundrum

An active, diversified, multi-sector approach to meeting the total return objectives of core fixed-income management without taking on undue risk.

Portfolio Strategy    |   March 11, 2022   

The ABCs of Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)

Finding value in complexity: The structure, risks, and investor-friendly features of asset-backed securities.

Portfolio Strategy    |   May 26, 2021   

The Transition Away from Libor

Preparing for the Deadline