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Building Strong Partnerships and Delivering Creative Solutions to Maximize Retailer Store Growth

Guggenheim Retail Real Estate Partners is a real estate development company which partners with select retailers on their national store growth programs. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, our business strategy is to provide our partners with cost-effective solutions and the expertise needed to achieve their market penetration goals.


We offer full development services from Build-to-Suit to Fee Development. The scope of our services are diverse and customizable to our client’s needs. We partner with our clients to create value, minimize risks, and increase sales weeks. Our team can deliver every step of the project process from selecting a site and preparing a budget, to hiring contractors, vendors, and consultants.

A Build-to-Suit Program allows a retailer to preserve and re-invest its capital back into its business operations rather than tying up capital in real estate. Since the rate of return on capital invested in a successful business is almost always greater than the rate of return earned on capital invested in real estate, many retailers logically prefer to keep their capital productively invested in the operations and growth of their business, instead of tied up in its infrastructure.

The Fee-for-Service Program incorporates all of the disciplines utilized in the Build-to-Suit program, with the exception that the retailer purchases the fee simple interest in the land and self-finances the construction costs.

Building Partnerships

Each of our in-house experts incorporates the mindset that we are an extension of our client’s professional staff, creating a long-term effective and efficient partnership. Utilizing our integrated team of acquisition, construction, financial, legal, and management professionals, we can offer a single point of contact that results in seamless, on-time, and on-budget projects.

Financial Stability

A key component of our strength is our overall financial stability. We take great pride in our ability to assure our clients that financing should never be an obstacle to opening a single store in their program. We believe that the overall benefit to our clients is a partnership that can not only meet, but enhance our client’s growth plans in any financial environment.


For more information, contact us at info@guggenheimretailrealestate.com or 214.872.4000


Additional Information

Development is not only about managing a process - it is about constantly making difficult and time-sensitive decisions, and managing a diverse group of team members to a central goal.

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