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Guggenheim Fund Solutions

Managed Accounts

Guggenheim Fund Solutions ("GFS") operates an independent managed account platform intended for institutional investors looking for customized hedge fund managed account solutions.

GFS provides clients with an institutional-grade platform and an experienced team that has successfully operated managed accounts through multiple market cycles including periods of severe market turbulence.

Platform Architecture

GFS has developed a proprietary managed account platform to mitigate the principal investment and non-investment risks inherent in direct hedge fund investing: fraud, style drift, failures of liquidity, and poor transparency.

  • Independent operational oversight of managers

  • Transparency unavailable in traditional hedge fund investments

  • Additional oversight of key counterparties and service providers

  • Open architecture enables use of most suitable counterparties

  • Liquidity terms consistent with managers’ existing strategy

  • Transparent pricing schedule


GFS provides a user-friendly investor portal accessible via the internet or PDA device. Utilizing our technology infrastructure and expertise, GFS translates data into actionable information that investors can use to make investment and risk management decisions.

  • Modular system capable of integrating multiple third-party service providers including administrators and risk engines

  • Resolution of erroneous data and intelligent model calibration to ensure positions are treated accurately

  • Tools to enable clients to make better-informed investment and risk management decisions

  • Customizable client dashboard and reporting

Operating Environment

GFS operates with the highest standards and complies with all applicable regulatory requirements. Through our comprehensive integration of platform and technology architectures, GFS delivers advanced platform capabilities within a rigorous control environment.

  • More rigorous control environment than typically provided by hedge funds

  • Consistent governance structure

  • Bespoke portfolio analysis performed by risk management professionals with extensive experience

  • Legal architecture that facilitates set-up and ongoing monitoring of both commingled and segregated managed accounts

  • Exhaustive documentation of procedures across all elements of platform activity

  • Successful completion of the SSAE 16 Type II (formerly SAS 70) audit examination


Key Facts

Guggenheim has operated managed accounts for institutional clients since 2002.

Expertise in opening and operating hedge fund managed accounts across a broad array of complex investment strategies.

Experience building and operating managed accounts in multiple jurisdictions.


For more information, contact us at GFS.info@guggenheimpartners.com

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